Business Target

Each business is unique and we have established a set of criteria to help us and the business owner understand if we share common ground to pursue deeper discussions towards an arrangement.

Operation characteristics
  • Diverse customer/supplier base

  • Management team deeply involved in the operation

  • Owner exiting or seeking majority partner to assume control

  • Cash Flow(EBITDA) range: $750K-$2M

  • 4 years historical positive Cash Flow

Business areas
  • Manufacturing

  • Import/Distribution

  • Golden Horseshoe based operation, Ontario, Canada

About infuse Invest + Manage


infuse Invest + Manage was formed with the goal of acquiring and managing a private business to grow by applying proven strategy and growth principles honed over years of corporate experience.


With the right relationship fit between the entrepreneur and infuse leadership, the ideal outcome will be a fair arrangement including the knowledge that the company and legacy that has been built will thrive in the years to come.


About the leader

A seasoned General Management Executive, James has 20+ years of success driving results in dynamic and highly competitive industries including Samsung and GE in Canada and the United States.


James has significant experience building businesses as well as simultaneously managing multiple business units at varying stages of growth, maturity and priorities. 


Setting and exceeding ambitious targets by skillfully breaking goals into manageable pieces, while building and inspiring teams to focus with enthusiasm and deliver on commitments are James’ greatest strengths.

Network of advisors

infuse Invest + Manage includes an extensive network of expert investors and advisors in virtually all areas of business that will bring their expertise to assist in accelerating profitable growth.

Invest + Manage Goals


infuse will coordinate a majority or complete acquisition plan with mutually agreeable terms.

infuse and its partners have a long term sustainable growth mindset and will not invest for flipping or speculative gains.


infuse leadership has a very clear management approach focusing on Strategy, Execution and People.

We will develop/refine and execute a clear growth plan while building and supporting your great team of employees to accelerate growth and profit.

Contact us to learn more


Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Please contact us to discuss how selling your business or bringing on a key partner can realize your goals.


infuse Invest + Manage was formed with the goal of acquiring and managing a

Target Business

We are looking for Manufacturing and Import/Distribution businesses with EBITDA ranging from $750K to $2M in the Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario Canada.

Investment Position

We offer two posssible investment positions;

  • Acquisition to facilitate a smooth exit for current owner(s)

  • A majority acquisition to allow owners to step back but continue to be a part of the business they started


infuse leadership and advisors includes seasoned executive leadership with strength in most areas of business with special strength in Strategy, Execution and building strong teams.

infuse founder James Politeski

private business and leveraging proven strategy and growth principles honed over years of successful corporate experience.